Proud to be a privileged partner of the most prestigious federations of certified massage therapists in Quebec. A certification which is recognized by all insurance companies.

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Professional Programs

Full-time and Part-Time
Beginning January 2019

Information session

Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018 at 6:00 pm
Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019 at 6:00 pm

I loved my experience at IKRA: the personalized approach and the competence and the availability of the teachers. Also, the staff were truly attentive to my needs and helpful. Thanks IKRA! Julie Dubois

IKRA Massage School is recognized by both Revenu Quebec and Revenu Canada as meeting all the requirements of an institution of learning of the highest standards.
This allows our students to receive tax credits on school fees.


Swedish Massage

This 400 hour program trains students to have a solid foundation in Swedish massage techniques. Swedish massage is the technique that is most in demand in spas, hotels and health clinics.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is focused specifically on the needs and preoccupations of the athlete, helping them in their training and optimizing their athletic performance.

Advanced Massage

IKRA massage therapy school is proud to offer a 1000 hour program that includes Swedish massage I & II, Sports massage and Amma (Chinese massage).

Continuing Studies

Our massage therapy school offers courses that include further techniques that will improve and expand your abilities as a massage therapist.

Why study with us ?

  • 400h of courses with the teachers
  • A certification which is recognized by all insurance compagnies
  • The highest recognitions and accreditations in Quebec
  • IKRA Massage School is recognized by both Revenu Quebec and Revenu Canada
  • The prices are very competitive
  • The service is personalized and individualized
  • The teachers are very experienced
  • The number of students per teacher is limited
  • We are training the best therapists in the industry
  • Easy access and parking available on side streets

What Student’s Say

Taking courses at IKRA massage therapy school changed my life on a personal level.
I became a massage therapist to help people and this school has allowed me to achieve that dream Pierre Charles

What Student’s Say

Not only did I learn everything I had to, to be successful in massage therapy, but I had so much fun doing so. The program was well structured and the teachers were always available when I needed. Thank you so much! Aline Benoit